My issue with (some) magazines

As I have mentioned before my dream is to work at a fashion magazine one day.  I have bought a lot of different magazines over the years (as seen in the picture), including Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Huisgenoot, Elle, Saltwater Girl, Grazia SA, Seventeen, Rooi Rose, Finesse, Leef and my personal favorite (my dream magazine to work at) Sarie.


Every woman has her favorite magazine, when you see it on the shelf in the shop you don’t think twice to buy it, it comes naturally.  For example I’m personally not that fond of Elle’s layout and when I do buy it for some reason (curiosity maybe), I would give it to my friend Landi because unlike me, she absolutely loves Elle.

Currently I only buy Grazia SA and Sarie, mainly because magazines are so expensive these days. But sometimes for example when we are traveling I buy other magazines as well.

Recently I decided to stop buying Seventeen.  Know this was a very hard decision because I have been buying this magazine almost every month for the past seven or so years.  Maybe I outgrew it or maybe I got bored with the content of the magazine because I have been buying it for such a long time?  Or maybe (and this was really one of the main reasons) the fashion portrayed in the magazine was so horrible!

I don’t understand why magazines want to encourage teen girls to dress like color-blind hobo’s… (I am especially referring to the latest dance (prom) issue).  In the past there would be really beautiful dresses and I still have those issues in that big pile of magazines because of the color charts and the tips etc. but this issue I threw away! we are now paying a lot of money to look like we could not afford to look decent?

Now I don’t mean to say the magazine is bad, it has guided me along the way of being a teen, but now this 20-something girl sadly has to move on!

But this is the problem I have with some fashion magazines, lately (or maybe I haven’t notice it before) they don’t put together outfits in their fashion spreads that regular people, especially teens and students will actually wear? I don’t know about you, but I kind off like my clothes to match? And I don’t really think a skirt can double as a shirt, other wise it would be called a shirt?

Yes, I agree that people should be encouraged to find their unique sense of style and experiment with different options, but I would like to look at the fashion spread and actually find inspiration and be able to look presentable when wearing it in the real world. Life is not always a crazy runway and just because Rihanna totally rocked some ridiculous outfit does not mean the rest of us are supposed to.

Are we turning into the people of The Capitol?

Feel free to comment on this post or to send me feedback!


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