Invest in memories

While I am sitting here, feeling the rays of wonderful South African sunlight play on my skin, my mind begins to drift away…

I start to think about all the things I still want to do.  I know everyone has a faint or rough idea of a bucket list in the back of their minds, but how many of us know exactly what we want to do and experience?

I think we should take the time to write down these things and we should go out there and actually do it, no more sitting and daydreaming about it, we should go and start ticking of the adventures we have.  Someone once told me that we should stop spending our money on things and we should rather invest in memories and I could not agree more!  One day you will look back at your life and then you won’t remember the materialistic things, you will be sitting with friends and family reminiscing about the memories, the “remember that time when…” moments and you will look at the photos because even though the people change the memories always remain.

Okay so I am not just someone that says a lot of nice and motivational or inspiring words and then my actions don’t support it… so here’s a few of the things I added to my bucket list that I really want to experience and when I do I will blog about it!

  1. Have a summer romance – okay so this actually isn’t something you can plan, because the best things happen unexpectedly, but it is summer and almost time to hit the beach so who knows?
  2. Travel overseas! I want to go to India and ride on an elephant, join international cultural festivals, backpack through Europe, ride on a vespa and eat pasta in Italy, swim in the sea with a cute tanned guy in Greece, visit my family in London, go to Tomorrowland, kiss under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, etc (see my wanderlust board on Pinterest – ) Okay so the only thing stopping me from going is money… and I hate the fact that money has to stand in your way of broadening your horizons, but I am going to start saving and hopefully I will be able to go while I am still 20-something.
  3. I want to jump into a pool fully clothed or go for a midnight swim – so this will also be done during this summer of 2013!
  4. I want to get a tattoo for my 21st birthday (which is next year).
  5. I really really want to go to New York fashion week! But for now SA Fashion week will do, still not sure if I am going to go next week, because we are still waiting to hear about our media accreditation (eeeek).
  6. Party on a New York rooftop and on a cruise ship.
  7. Go to a drive in movie.
  8. Get a Henna tattoo.
  9. I want to learn how to play guitar… Now I already know how to play piano and the violin, but somehow I just could teach myself to play the guitar… so if you want to give me some guitar lessons – feel free to let me know 😉
  10. I want to ride in a helicopter.  I already flew in an airplane (and I did it all on my own haha).
  11. Swim with dolphins and learn how to surf.
  12. Learn how to tie a tie and change a tire (haha my friends will know what I’m referring to!)
  13. Have a spa day with manicures, pedicures, massages etc.
  14. And I want to have a dog! But that will however have to wait a while, since I am a student and we can’t have dogs in our dorm rooms, haha that would be quite something!
  15. O I almost forgot! I want to experience snow! Yes, I know it is very sad that I have never even seen snow, but I live in South Africa, it rarely happens here.  And I want to build a snowman, have snowball fights and make a snow angel.

So go on! What are you waiting for? Let me know what’s on your bucket list? Or what adventure did you embark on that you crossed of your bucket list? Comment on this post and let me know or tweet me @MizanvdM.

To see what else is on my bucket list, see my board on Pinterest:


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