Locking eyes

“The power of a glance has been so much abused in love stories, that it has come to be disbelieved in. Few people dare now to say that two beings have fallen in love because they have looked at each other. But it is in this way that love begins, and in this way only.” – Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

Love at first sight… Although I am a hopeless romantic, this is not something I really believe in. But I do however believe that “eye contact is how souls catch on fire”.  Eye contact is very important in everyday life of course, but sometimes when it happens it doesn’t affect your life in any way – for example when you are passing a stranger or a car in traffic or when someone helps you in a store.  But sometimes, and very rarely, you can lock eyes with a perfect stranger and your life won’t quite be the same again.  

Now this has only happened to me once, or rather it’s the only time that it happened that I cannot seem to forget.  A few months ago (more or less) on an extremely windy night (cliché, I know, but it is the absolute truth, I promise) anyway, on that night I was passing through a crowd of people in search of an open seat and there he was.  I didn’t see him at first, but just as I looked over, searching, he looked up, and our eyes met.  Out of nowhere it really hit me, it felt like his eyes held mine captive, as if he was staring straight down into my soul and I couldn’t do anything to avoid it… I was in a hurry so I can’t remember how our eyes “let go”, but afterwards all I could think about was the way it made me feel.  My inside turned completely upside down, and only from one look, one random, but perfect stranger, one fleeting moment that seemed to last for ages…

I believe in fate but well nothing ever came of it of course (duh, this is life, it’s not a movie) but I will never forget the way that look set fire to my soul.

A while ago I tried to explain this to my sister, but she never quite understood what I meant, and I don’t think you will ever understand until you have experienced it for yourself.  

Have you ever experienced something like this? Feel free to let me know by commenting or by tweeting me @MizanvdM (I founImaged the picture on Pinterest)


25 thoughts on “Locking eyes

  1. Kiara says:

    Oh my goodness, I have experienced it once and it was intense! It felt like he was looking into my soul, just wish I was brave enough to smile or even say Hi, but I’m a coward!

    1. Jana says:

      Oh my goodness! YES! YES, YES, YES, YES!! That happened to me about two months ago. It felt as if we were the only two people existing in the world at that time. We talked but we held each other’s eyes captive the whole time. He told his name, where he lives, what church attends and he did all without breaking eye contact… The lights could have went out but we would have had the ope smile on our face to light up the room. Oh my God, I got it bad for this guy. #mesmerized

  2. Joanne says:

    I experienced it twice in my life. One time I was sixteen years old doing work experience in the UTS physics department. I was following my coordinator and she led me to a lab full of engineering students waiting for their lesson to start. In a distance, my eyes locked with a blonde hair student and time felt like it stopped for a second. The background noise of the students chatting disappeared. My eyes felt mesmerized by his penetrating gaze. An intense emotion swept me off by surprise. I was not expecting to experience something like this as this was the first time I felt an attraction so strong and the world felt it was moving in slow motion. I quickly avoided eye contact with him and followed the coordinator. As I was leaving the room I could sense his presence. It was the first time I had this weird and surreal connection.

    Another time was when I was 25 years old, holidaying around Hong Kong. I was at Wong Tai Sin temple and I remember in a distance I noticed a handsome Japanese tour guide showing the Japanese tourist around. I remember posing in front of a Monkey statue and my friend was taking a picture of me. Our eyes locked as the picture was been taken and he smiled sweetly at me as he seemed to admire the way I was posing in front of camera. Once again the world felt like it was moving in slow motion. My heart was beating with joy that our attraction was mutual. But I guess fate did not want us to communicate. He later on became busy talking with the tourist about the temple. I was with my family and friend and it would seem inappropriate and silly if I just left them to talk to him when he was busy with his work. On top of it, I did not know if he spoke English cause he was conversing with the tourist in Japanese. Occasionally we will steal glances at each other. I knew reality would not make us be together as we are both from separate worlds. With a camera in my hand I took a picture of him when he was busy talking to the tourist. A memory of his face of the connection we have.

  3. joanna says:

    I’m 18 years old, and this happened to me recently. i was recently in the hospital because i had hit my head in a roll over and my nurse had come in to check my monitors and blood pressure. we had talked a little before hand so i had already known his name and a little bit about him, but the weirdest thing happened, he was standing over my bed and i looked up into his eyes and he just stared back down at me. the feeling was exhilarating. i have never experienced anything like it before. he ended up breaking the eye contact first after about 5 or 6 seconds. but I’ve convinced myself there was something about his face, something amazing that i wish i will be able to experience again. i can still remember exactly what his eyes look like, and i don’t think i could ever forget that moment.

    1. paula says:

      I have to tell this story…on my wedding day I took a moment to myself, to just catch my breath from being centre of attention and making small talk, I took a see breath, looked at the floor, looked up and yes literally “locked” eyes with a man across the room whom I did not know. He didn’t blink, didn’t look away, he stared for what can only have been 6/7 seconds, I really don’t know, it felt longer. It was as if my body could not move, everything and everyone around me vanished, I wanted to look away but couldn’t. After what seemed like a very long time I looked away thinking “people will notice and I’ve only just gotten married”. He wasn’t particularly attractive,,I looked away then looked back thinking he will have looked away at this point. No he was still there making me feel like only him and i were there. It scared me and I walked away to my wedding guests. Very powerful, will never forget that frozen moment that is difficult to articulate. It was a strange but beautiful feeling.

  4. claire says:

    Im 35, happily married and have two children. I recently moved to a new area and came into contact with a married man. Our eyes met and locked on several occasions. We never spoke or touched or acknowledged anything that had been passed between us. Yet the feelings and connections between our eye contact sessions were immense. It was almost as if we had met before, I felt I knew him so well and this was all based on the subconscious messages we were sending each other with our eyes. When our eyes met, I felt content and complete, almost as though the gap in my inner circle had become complete. I could almost imagine myself with this man in the future or maybe I had been with him in another life. I just could not figure out why our eyes were so drawn to each other. I had no intention of leaving my husband and im sure he felt that way with his family too. I think this was biology in its rawest form, the very first pangs of how love and attraction start. I will never forget this almost ‘out of human experience’. Even now I can replay those moments of eye contact in my mind and it can still create feelings of intense emotion!
    Its a secret that will stay with me in my heart for life.

  5. Melissa says:

    This happens to me about 10 years ago. The guy made eye contact with me and I just happend to look up and we had a moment I will never forget. It was like everything froze I was at a intimate concert. And he was walking towards me and I was sitting it felt like a beautiful moment. After that every time I seen him he would always stare. Trying to get my attention I guess. This had been going on for 7 years. He never made a move he was a bad boy type of guy and I was the complete opposite a good girl. I guess every good girl love a bad boy. But sadly he died 3 years ago he was shot to death and now I can’t stop thinking about him and they way he used to look at me.

  6. Phillip says:

    Mine luckily was a movie… I was at a hostel in Europe (I’m from Australia). I was fortunate enough to follow up on this look with only a few minutes with her, talking over a cigarette. That next morning I left for another city; unable to say goodbye, unable to give her my details. I messaged a friend on Facebook asking him to find her at the hostel – he found her and she found me me. And while we live on opposite sides of the world, I am fortunate to still have her in my life, this way – other than in no way at all.

  7. Melissa says:

    This recently happened to me 3 days ago… I was at a guys house I’m kind of seeing and I walked out to the liv8by room and his friend was there and when he looked up at me BAM it was like a jolt feeling I never ever experienced before and I’m pretty sure he felt it to.. Be then said hi and itroduced him self and I introduced myself. Later the next day I told the guy I was seeing how I felt when I looked at his friend and he was in the room when it happened and he told me that how his friend acted he thought we knew each other and he felt something too I could contact this guy if I want from being friends with my friends on fb but idk if that’s a good idea but I ‘s b t get that feeling out of me and him

  8. jba says:

    It happened to me just 2 or maybe three times within 40 years. The least has been with a 20 years younger woman, when i dived into her deep black and blue sea; there is absolutely no doubt, I have been in her or her soul. I can’t tell how long it lasts, maybe nanoseconds maybe minutes.
    But then we have been disturbed by a third – and here is the never noticed thing: I saw some small little devils creeping from the woman over the eye connection to me – i.e. I realized and “SAW” her anger of the disturbation. I never ever saw the emotions of anyone in comics or horror. Of course the locking was broken immediately and I thought a long time about the little devils ’til i got them.
    This is ten years ago and until today I did not really get what happened.
    I still love this girl but, unfortunately, there is no way to get there.

  9. Kimberly says:

    Yes, yes, YES! This just happened to me 3 days ago. This guy walked into the restaurant I was at with a girlfriend (sitting at the bar). He was with another woman, but our eyes locked immediately and neither one of us could look away. There were 2 seats on the opposite side of the bar – so they went over there to sit. We continually kept looking at each other. The feel was so strong, so magnetic and I KNEW I couldn’t leave there without giving him my number (brazen, I know – but I can’t explain what came over me – this has never happened before). I wrote my number on a napkin, he got up to go the the bathroom, and I followed him. When he came out – I gave it to him. He called me the very next morning. 🙂 FORTUNATELY it was not a girlfriend he was with… He admitted feeling the exact same powerful attraction I had felt. We’ve been talking/texting multiple times a day – and are meeting tonight for wine for the first time. Not sure where it will lead – but i just know I couldn’t have lived with myself if I walked out of there always wondering what could have been. 🙂

  10. L says:

    I have been experiencing this with a man for well over a year. He attends the same gym as I. At first I did not notice him because I was recently divorced from a volatile marriage and quite frankly, not interested in any man. Once I started to noticed the attention and looked into his eyes, that was it, an intense feeling of being drawn in, wanting to know more. Every day I wait, wondering if he’ll be in, if that day will be the day we finally speak. If he’ll chose the equipment next to mine, if we can hold eye contact again. I am so overwhelmingly drawn to this person I’ve never even spoken to. I think about this person often and don’t even know his name. I have never experienced anything like this. Unfortunately, circumstances in my life are preventing me from going back to this particular gym currently. I can’t help but wonder if he’s my destiny but first I must fully recover from the issues I carry from my past. As if all the horrible things I’ve been through are leading me to a happy ending with the tall, beautiful man with the mesmerizing blue eyes.

  11. Heath says:

    So here’s my story. I moved about 5 years back from Washington to California and started going to this church some friends from Washington referred me to. Sometime there after I seen her. The moment I saw her I was drawn to her in a way I cannot explain. I passed it off as an attraction for just another beautiful woman. After all I was married as was she. We were both also committed to our faith.

    Move forward almost six years and we now have become quite familiar as our children attend the same school, sing in choir together, run track together, and of course attend church together. Sometimes we will talk before or after school. There seems to be a magnetic energy in the room that draws us together. When we shake hands I find my hand reluctant to let hers go as if for a moment everything is right and complete.
    This leads me to one Sunday morning. It was the only Sunday I can recall that neither my wife nor her husband were attending church that morning. The sermon was about love and the scripture that was read was the verse commonly read at weddings. Directly after church I approached her and had something to tell her but when she turned to face me my mind went blank, it was like I was hypnotized as our eyes locked. We rotated our bodies and stared at each other for an extended moment. I have never felt such a supernatural connection with anyone before.
    It was amazing and beautiful!

  12. Holly says:

    It makes me very happy to know that others have had this experience as well. It is so difficult to put the emotional connection into words. I think people who are lucky enough to experience such a intense, magical and surreal thing is extremely rare. Or else, why wouldn’t there be more information on thIs, right?

    I have experienced this twice in my life. Once, with a complete stranger while standing on line at a bank. And the second, with someone I know. We were new friends but met a few times before this happened. (proving that its not love at first sight). The second, much more intense than the first. I’d love to share both these stories but I think ill need more room than this site will allow me to fill. ❤️❤️❤️

  13. April says:

    I was at a bar with my husband and my husband was behind me and started talking to someone. As I turned around our eyes instantly found one another and locked. My husband introduced the two of us the whole time our eyes glued to one another. It was as if the world had stopped. Never in my life had I experienced something so magical.

  14. Summer Rose says:

    This has happened to me a couple of times, but there’s two experiences that left my heart throbbing. One time I was at school, minding my own business, and I look straight ahead and caught my crush staring deeply into my eyes. We were crushing hard for several years. It felt like we were the only two people in the room, and all the noises began disapper. It felt like a century staring into each other eyes but it was only like 10 seconds. Looked like he was in love with me. The second time I was at a football game, and I just randomly looked to my left and seem this handsome man look at me. Just like the experience above, felt like we were the only two people in the room. He stared passionately and intensely into my eyes. It was so powerful I had to look away, and I don’t usually look away. I replay these memories in my head from time to time. They both have a special place in my heart. Eye contact is something else man……..

  15. Ella says:

    I experienced this the first night I met this person he was my step brothers best friend we didn’t talk much that night but are eyes locked at the end of the night it felt so weird recently we went to a local fair of course with my whole family and a couple of friends he was there are eyes didn’t lock but on the way home I felt as if he was thinking of me it came strong too. He recently got hurt so I wasn’t able to see or talk to him but I could tell yesterday he was thinking very strongly of me and I felt my face get hot I didn’t think the first night I lied him but now I think I do.

  16. Maria Godoy says:

    It happened to me the other day with a customer. We locked eyes and talked, he flirted and I smiled. I told him he looked familiar and he agreed…then I remembered that 11 or 12 years ago I met him and it was the same, we locked eyes and he flirted the only difference is that now am not in a relationship and maybe he is. The attraction is there, if we were alone we would be hugging or kissing, that is for sure.

  17. Leenchie says:

    I felt this recently with a guy that I know for a long time already because he was my classmate in 2nd grade but we’re not really close. We haven’t seen each other for a very long time but had the chance to meet again in our church and we are now in our twenties. While I was on my seat and after saying a prayer, I lifted my head and saw him approaching and looking at me straight to the eye, we locked our eyes for a few seconds and it ended when he just passed me by . I never believe in love at first sight before, but now I think I do though I’m not sure if he also felt that magical feeling I felt at that moment.

  18. tiffany says:

    it has happened with a work colleague, a new one.
    I stood there frozen, couldn’t even say ” hi, welcome to our dept.”
    I spend the rest of the day trying to avoid him, because I am so aware of him.
    especially avoiding eye contact.
    I am super aware of him, I am nervous around the office now.
    I know he is younger than me. I should be in control

    before he left work that day, he came to my cubicle to say bye, and again it happened.
    I could barely respond.
    what power for someone to have over another.

    all it takes is a look, and you feel this intense emotion,
    help me,
    I probably have a year or more of this,
    I feel a heavy with emotion , desire

  19. Ash says:

    It happened when I was 19yrs old, now I am 35, still being able to recall those few seconds speaks a lot of how it made me feel. Complete stranger at a distance, looked at me while I placed an order for food. The moment our eyes met, something unexplainable happened. The time stood still for a few seconds. I can never ever forget the happiness in his eyes, those smiling, twinkling eyes. I often think about him..not sure if I would like to see him again though, what if he doesnt remember?

  20. Kitten says:

    I’ve had it happen to me twice and I’m only 20. First time was in freshman year I was walking down the stairs to my next class and he had turned around in the doorway of a class room our eyes just met and everything went slow it stopped wen my body went out the door to my next class and I think he stayed in the room. The second was with a crush from 7th grade it was the middle of 10th grade and I had come back to my home town to visit my dad well I was at a grocery store with a friend and she suddenly called out to me so wen I started walking towards her I saw him walking by I froze and he couldn’t look away I was so dumbfounded.

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