Welcome June!

Wow, time sure flies when you are having fun… When I woke up this morning I realized with a shock that we are almost halfway through 2014 and what an adventure it has been!

For us here in South Africa, June means winter, for students it means we have to study for June exam and for me it also means I am turning 21 in a few weeks!

In January my only New Years Resolution was to make 2014 an adventure. So I decided to welcome June by looking back at what has happened the past 6 months.

So far in 2014 I was officially appointed as Art, Entertainment and Lifestyle editor of our University’s campus newspaper. I met and/or interviewed a lot of great South African bands and musicians (some more than once) like Heuwels Fantasties, Jack Parow, Robbie Wessels, Bittereinder, ISO, Shaun Jacobs, Lonehill Estate, Joshua na die Reën and Bouwer Bosch. I became a member of the Golden Key Honour Society and I got an internship to work at a magazine in Cape Town in July.

I also ticked a lot of thing off my bucket list that I made for 2014 (I keep adding things everyday) like: Doing the summer wardrobe challenge, going to a live concert (more than once), see fireworks, pull an allnighter, hold a lion cub, see a sunrise and a sunset, stargaze, be tweeted by someone famous, sleep for a whole day, reach 10 000 views on my blog, have more than 700 followers on twitter, go for a midnight swim, write a poem, help a stranger, do a random act of kindness, make new friends, make memories, slowdance under the moon with no music, try new food, go to a dress up party, buy something I can’t afford, be on a VIP list, see fireflies, see a shooting star and do something I regret.

But the adventure did have some bumps in the road… I lost a few friends and our family had to say goodbye to my grandmother when she passed away in March. The adventure also had lonely moments, late sleepless nights, things I regret, sad days, dissapointments, stress, fights and things that did not go at all as planned.

In the end those moments also add to the adventure of 2014 because I made a lot of new friends, spent late nights getting to know people, shared laughs, had successful and proud moments, happiness, excitement and I learned a lot through the hard times when I felt that it was not going well at all. Everything adds value to your life in some way or another. It makes you stronger when you know you have learned something out of it.

So from today, here at the beginning of June and with the change of season, I look forward to the rest of my 2014 adventure. I look forward to my work experience and going to Cape Town. I look forward to the possibilities of moving and going somewhere new next year. I look forward to changing my hair colour and meeting new people. I look forward to making new memories with my friends and ticking of the rest of the things on my bucket list. I look forward to everything that will come my way, good and bad, because I know it will be part of the adventure.



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