Adventure day 1 : Flying to Cape Town

In previous posts I have mentioned an exciting adventure I am going on. So yesterday morning I got up at 3 am to leave for the airport with my father. I was on my way to Cape Town for two weeks to intern at one of my favourite magazines. It was a dream come true, because I have always wanted to go to Cape Town and experience this beautiful city.

I was really excited, but as time went by I became more and more nervous. I had difficulty packing my suitcase (I’m convinced that woman should be allowed to pack more than men because we need so much more stuff) and off course mine was over the allowed weight limit, so I had to pay extra. I was also wearing a coat, a scarf and boots (one: because it was really cold outside and two: I could not fit them in my suitcase). Surprise, surprise because of the cold temperature outside, it was really hot inside the airport, and it seemed that with the increase of my nervousness, the temperature also increased.

On the way to check in I had to take everything out of my carry on because I was stupid enough to pack my laptop at the bottom of the bag (granted it was the first time I had to fly for a “business trip”, so I didn’t really know). So on top of being nervous I was stressed as well. To top it all, on the way to the departure area the strap of my new handbag broke. Fun. Now I was nervous, hot, stressed AND uncomfortable.

Luckily a very friendly airport security guard saw I was looking a little lost and he quickly told me to calm down because my flight hasn’t board yet and I have time to take a deep breath.

I know it sounds like I’m complaining and I’m not, I’m just stating the facts of what happened. Eventually when I was finally seated on the plane and had time to catch my breathe, I couldn’t help but laugh, because here I was thinking this experience would be effortless, you know like in the movies! I will be fabulous, walking all confident on the airport and everything will go smoothely.

Reality? Well not even close.

It was only my second time flying alone and the first time I am going somewhere alone, so it was a whole new experience, especially regarding being all grown up and independent. Maybe in a year or two I will have learned all the tips and tricks and it will go more smoothely. Maybe I will also one day be able to pack all of my stuff into one of those tiny carry ons like everyone else seemed to do.

I have learned that struggling is all part of the adventure. It’s not always just about your destination, it is about the trip to your destination and the road you have to travel.



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