Styled by Jackie Burger – top trends for Spring 2015

The temperature and seasons aren’t the only things that are changing, the trends that come along with them have also shifted as winter comes to an end. On Friday 28 August 2015 women had the opportunity to find out more about the trends for Spring 2015 from Jackie Burger, the style queen herself.

Burger, previous editor of Elle and founder of Salon 58 led this interactive experience at Somerset Mall and showcased some key items for your Spring wardrobe. She also showed how easily you can pair the different items to ensure you have an interesting and fashionable wardrobe.

Some of the trends for Spring 2015:   

• According to Burger there is a very strong retro revival this season, but adds that ‘you either get it right or seriously wrong’.

• Denim is once again the cloth of the season, but will adapt to a softer and more flowy form to fit into the retro revival. The distressed boyfriend jean is still a favourite for this season.

• There is a lot of focus on pocket detail as well as bows or soft ties, especially on shirts and skirts.

• Another key item for this season is the tunic or shirt dress.

• Stripes are also a favourite, both linear and horizontal as well as graphic and colourful stripes. This pattern can easily be paired with the other trendy key items. Burger suggests that you ‘play with prints but remember to keep your colour palette’.

• White is also a colour we will be seeing a lot more of this season. From head to toe white outfits, to textured white fabric with a fresh feminine and romantic feel as well as knits, lace and plain masculine white shirts. Burger suggests to invest in key pieces, but warns that white items need to stay crisp and ‘not all nasty and yellow’.

• White denim is also a key item, but Burger warns that it can easily be ‘the most unforgiving and unflattering item you will ever wear and you will have such a bad experience that you will never go there again’. She suggests shopping for the perfect brand that fits your body shape as well as wearing the correct underwear.

• One of Burger’s favourites is French navy because according to her it is ‘classic and chic’. This colour works exceptionally well with pants, simple dresses, feminine skirts as well as all in ones.

• Nudes will shift more towards a champagne colour or nudes with a metallic sheen or even with a slightly dustier pink or metallic shimmer. You can team these items with white and denim.

• Black is always a good option, no matter what the season and it can also easily be paired with the other key items that are part of the Spring trends.

• With regards to shoes, Gladiator sandals are making a comeback and heels are toning down in terms of height. The focus is on neutral colours with suede, detail and texture as well as bright coloured block heels and pointed toes.

• In terms of accessories Burger suggests tan belts, shoes, and handbags. Because of the retro revival saddle bags with a 70’s vibe is also a key item this season.

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