What is this blog all about?

In short my blog is about all things Mizanish, things that I do, see, experience, philosophy about in the shower, ponder about with my friend, hopes, dreams, tips etc.  Topics covered will include fashion and beauty, journalism, reviews, nonsense, photography, shopping, some more nonsense and who knows what else!

What a mission it was to find a name for my blog!  I started writing content for my blog about a month ago but was not able to publish it because of the trouble of finding a suitable name.

I finally decided to use “profoundly marvelous” because of the beautiful meaning of the words.  I wish more people would include these words in their vocabulary.  Profoundly is an adverb (derived from the adjective profound) and means: “coming as if from the depths of one’s being”. Marvelous on the other hand means extraordinary.  I have always thrived to be more than ordinary.  That does not mean I want to be the best or that I judge and think I am better than other people. No, it only means that I want to be special, more than just average, even just by my standards.

However, this blog won’t really be philosophical of nature or a trip to the depths of my soul.  But it may just scratch the surface.  This blog is about all that is me.  It is about the things I think of dream about, experience, who I am, what I love, you get the picture.  I will be posting in English, but there may be a few entries in Afrikaans, which is my home language.  English is my second language therefore I apologize in advance for any mistakes made in any of the entries, but I will try my best.


If you would like to give me feedback on my blog, please feel free to fill in the form below:


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