Come closer and take a look in my closet! This is a page that is filled with some of my favorite items of clothing – including shoes, fancy dresses and accessories. (Please note I did this page a long time ago and my closet has changed a lot since then)



This outfit was for a wedding I went to in 2012.  It was a pretty strapless light pink high-low dress paired with light pink peep toe heels.  They are about 14 cm high (approximately 5.5 inches) and the heels are bedazzled with sparkly stones (I am not sure how to describe them or what to call them exactly?)  This is one of my favorite outfits.  It has a soft feminine feel to it.

I bought them both at Foshini for a total of R900 I think.  The accessories I wore was this beautiful bracelet from Sass Diva the earrings I bought a long time ago.  The funny thing about this event was it was in the middle of summer in December and in South Africa it is supposed to be very hot at that time.  But the temperature fell to about 16 degrees Celsius and the wind was blowing.
The next day it was ice cold and raining. Needless to say that outfit was not made for cold weather!



So I finally found the perfect (and very affordable) nude heels.  While I was shopping for them my phone got stolen though – was not a nice experience at all!  Here is a picture of my Sissy boy heels. They were R400 and are about 14 cm high (approximately 5.5 inches).


Electric blue:

I have been eyeing these electric blue wedges at Woolworths for months now and when I got to the store this weekend they were on sale.  I only paid R136 for them and they were originally R300.  What a bargain!


The electric blue trend is taking the fashion scene by storm.  It is a very striking color and well blue goes with almost everything!  I also have an electric blue long sleeved sheer button up shirt, a peplum top and a very pretty electric blue dress.  I especially like the interesting neckline and the back of the dress.  I bought the dress at Foshini in 2012 and it can be played up with heels and fancy jewelry or played down with sandals.


Here I am wearing the sheer button shirt – I paired it with a black skater skirt, black sheer stockings and those electric blue wedges!  I also love wearing a variety of shades of blue like this necklace below.


Scarfs (printed and snoods) : 


I bought both these printed scarfs for only R50 each at Mr Price.  The one has a purple paisley print and I like to pair it with a denim shirt and my purple blazer (pictures will follow!).

The other scarf is sheer and has a tribal print with colors that range from blue to burgundy to yellow.  I like to wear it with my oxblood leather jacket (pictures will follow!).


Snoods are perfect for winter and they feel really cosy especially when the temperature drops.  I had a hard time searching for them though because if the knit isn’t made from a soft wool-like material I didn’t like it that much and some of the colors they were sold in were just horrible.  I managed to find a blueish-black snood at Woolworths and a grey one at Mr Price, but I am very sad that I could not find a maroon/burgundy and cream snood.  They would have looked great with my winter wardrobe.


We recently did a fashion shoot for Wapad, the campus newspaper I work for – the shoot was all about different ways to wear a scarf.  It was for both male and female students.  You can watch the video on Youtube by following this link 

Forever new beret:


 I love this light pink (blush) beret I bought at Forever New.  It has little rhinestones on the top that give it a glamorous feel and it matches my blush blazer perfectly.  It looks very soft and feminine and is also perfect for hiding a bad hair day!   In this picture you can see me wearing it with my blush blazer and my hair in soft curls that are taken to the side.


So this fall and winter the menswear inspired look was trending and I found this pair of brown brogues at Mr Price.  This pair is a bit different from the usual style that has laces because these have a buckle.  I usually pair this with a rolled up jean, button up shirt, a blazer with a white, cream, brown or even a black top.


New Outfit!


I put together this outfit, and I know it looks kind off plain in the photo but trust me on this! I wore this to a smart casual function/concert/cocktail – thing… It is a burgundy skaterskirt, my nude heels (it was the first time I wore them although I bought them more than a month ago!) and a cream top with very nice detail around the neck.  I finished off the outfit with browngoldish jewelry – earrings, rings and a bracelet that gave it kind off a boho feel especially with my brown curly hair!

It is time for Autumn/Winter 2014!

Here are a few of my favourite items to wear this season…

Felt Hat

I finally found a hat that I actually like (I used to hate wearing hats or people that wear hats).  This hat is a grey felt hat with a black trim and it was only R100 at Mr Price.  I somehow feel like a tortured musician or like someone who is heading out on an adventure… Either way it is one of my favourite accessories at the moment and it is great to cover up bad hairdays! (Also check out my Pinterest board filled with hats )


BeFunky_hat 2.jpg


Tartan and Check prints are really big this season as well and I got this great tartan jacket at Mr Price.  It sort off makes you feel as if you are back in high school or something but it is a fun addition to my wardrobe.  It is definitely something different and I have received a lot of compliments when wearing it. I usually pair it with a skater skirt, over the knee socks or even a maxi skirt.


The Printed Shirt

I also found this amazing printed button up shirt at Mr Price.  At first I thought the print may be a little bit too bold for my style or rather the place I am currently living, but then I paired it with a black skater skirt and black stockings and it looked really nice.  I also wore it with a dark coloured jean and a black blazer and my grey felt hat (mentioned above) and that outfit was a winner! A lot of people complimented me on the outfit that day…

BeFunky_printed shirt.jpg

Red Forever New Coat

The moment I saw this deep red double breasted coat at Forever New I fell in love.  I knew we belong together and although it was really expensive I do not regret spending the money on it at all.  It looks amazing and it is keeping me nice and warm during the cold winter.  The colour is great because it’s not mailbox red, it is a deeper red so I don’t feel like a walking fire engin…

BeFunky_red coat.jpg


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